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Military Personnell FAQ.

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Am I eligible?

If you are in the Armed Forces, use your own vehicle or public transport to travel to work and have been posted to 2 or more bases in the past 4 years (including overseas and tours) you can claim. Remember you must have been at each base for less than 2 years.

What can I claim for??

If you pay for your own travel to and from base in your own vehicle or on public transport we can claim back the tax on your travelling expenses. If you already receive an allowance like Get You Home or Home to Duty it doesn’t affect it.

MOD already pay me Home to duty mileage, can I claim?

The MOD pay for 20p per mile with allowances like GYH and HDT however if you commute to a temporary workplace (posting under 24 months) you are entitled to 45p per mile for the first 10k miles and 25p per mile after that from HMRC.

I live on base, can I still claim?

If you live on base part of the time but go home to another address for weekends or longer periods of leave, the leave address would be classed as your main residence. The claim in this case would be for travel between your home address and your workplace. If you already receive a Get You Home Travel (GYH) allowance for this, we would review the amounts received against the allowable limits and claim for any shortfall.

Can I claim for laundry costs?

No, laundry costs are included in your annual personal allowance (i.e. the amount you can earn tax-free each year).

Can I claim if I have been at base for more than 24 months?

Under HMRC legislation a posting that is more than 24 months is deemed permanent and therefore the temporary workplace rules don’t apply. However, we would review every case in isolation as we would need to understand your expectation at the outset of your posting. .

What do I need?

You will need last 4 years P60s which are available on Defence Gateway or by calling JPAC on 0141 224 3600. If you travel by public transport we may need receipts for your journeys.

How much will it cost?

 We charge a flat fee of £150+VAT per tax year. There are no hidden fees or charges.

Do I need to keep my assignment orders?

Yes this is very important as it helps to build up the evidence to support your claim. Please ensure you keep a copy of each of your Assignment Orders for each base that you have traveled to. You can print these from JPA but please note these are deleted after 60 days.

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