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As each client has different circumstances, volume of bookkeeping and format of bookkeeping, we feel it is unfair for us to provide a fixed fee pricing structure. Why should you who takes their time to keep their bookkeeping uptodate be charged the same as someone who brings in all of their records in a bin bag? Well this isn’t fair so we don’t charge on that basis.

We charge on the basis of how long it takes us to complete the work and how difficult it is. The following prices where indicated * are the average price you can expect to pay. Please note that these prices should be discussed with our staff.

Initial Consultation

    • 1 hour consultation
    • Discuss your business needs
    • Ask those questions
    • Get a quote
    • See how we operate
    • Set up correct from day 1

Sole Traders

*£400 per year
    • Formal set of accounts
    • Tax liability calculation
    • Self assessment tax return
    • HMRC submissions
    • Professional advice and guidance
    • Forward planning


*£600 per year
    • Partnership set of accounts
    • Partnership tax return
    • Partners tax returns
    • Self assessment tax return
    • HMRC submissions
    • Professional advice and guidance

Limited Companies

*£900 per year
    • Full statutory set of accounts
    • Abbreviated statutory set of accounts
    • Directors tax returns
    • Companies House submissions
    • HMRC submissions
    • Professional advice and guidance


Summing it up!

We will provide bookeeping training to enable you to provide your records to us in a familiar format so that it takes us less time to do the work which is reflected in your price.
There are certain prices that we haven’t gone into detail on here such as payroll costs, annual return filing and company formations, please just ask if interested in any of these services.
VAT of 20% is applicable to all of our sales.
Questions about the Pricing?

As we have explained these prices aren’t fixed and are very much dependent on you.

Get in touch if you have any questions and come in for a free no obligation chat to discuss your needs so that we can give you a clearer indication of the price.

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